What exactly is Public Relations – PR?

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While media professionals and full-time marketers understand what Public Relations can achieve, not everyone is au fait with the nuts and bolts of the business. A question that pops up from time to time is, “What exactly does a PR person do?” Here are three things that keep us busy.

– Public Relations is Publicity

When you read a news article, hear a product mentioned on radio by an announcer, or find out about an event in a magazine or newspaper, the chances are a PR person was behind it. Think of your PR professional as the voice of your brand in print, radio, TV and the Web.

– Crisis management

Let’s face it – bad news can come out of left field and knock the most well managed company off its stride. There are smart ways you can deal with this, and some not-so-smart responses that can make things worse. PR professionals know how to get out in front of a bad news story and mitigate the damage.

– Media relations

Everybody loves a good story but not everyone knows how to create one. PR professionals are practiced at thinking up different story ideas and pitching them to news reporters, business writers, feature editors, lifestyle writers and bloggers. The most memorable and creative pitches lead to positive coverage for your brand.

Hello Heilala Vanilla

From humble beginnings, Heilala has grown into one of the country’s most successful food companies, embraced by foodies and top chefs everywhere.

Bloom PR is proud to be the new PR agency for award-winning vanilla company, Heilala Vanilla.

Heilala’s vanilla beans are organically grown and sun-dried in Tonga before heading back to Tauranga, where they are turned into vanilla extract, paste, syrup and sugar.

As Heilala Vanilla goes from strength to strength, Bloom PR is excited to be working with the company again.

Visit http://www.heilalavanilla.co.nz/

Heilala Vanilla

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